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Matjaž Duh


Matjaž Duh, born in Maribor in 1957, has a doctorate in art and education. He works as a full-time professor at the Faculty of Education at the University of Maribor (Slovenia).His earlier creative cycles consisted of ethnographic drawings and works with unique graphics and computer graphics. Recently he has been more involved with painting. In recent years he has created several large-scale painting cycles, such as: Marines, Landscape Fractals, War pigs and Portals. In the latest series, Portals, the artist addresses the concept of urgent protection of the decaying architectural heritage of world significance, which he visualizes in the delicate and fragile structure of matter made of colored pigments.

Additionally composed, fairytale-like ancient buildings placed from edge to edge of the picture plane, in the form of imaginative, even magical-looking vedute with mysterious portals allude to a dystopian future. Three spatial plans appear simultaneously in the paintings. The lower one is darker and more neutral, suggesting the land on which the city or fortress stands, often extending into the land in the form of mirror roots; the middle ground is dominated, of course, by the veduta that seems to emerge from the trees; and above it, as usual, is a space plan showing the sky.

He has received several recognitions and awards for his artwork. He frequently participates in art colonies at home and abroad. He has exhibited his artworks in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Slovenia and abroad. He is a member of the Association of Visual Artists of Maribor (DLUM) and the Association of Visual Artists of Slovenia (ZDSLU).

Matjaž Duh
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