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Yaser Ghader & Sheyda Fallahi


As two designers, art director, art teacher, multimedia artist  we have more than twenty years of experience. Our works have been presented at over 100 individual and public exhibitions in Iran, Europe, Asia and both Americas.

Yaser Ghader

Born in Urmia, IRAN in 1980, Degree of Master Visual Communication.

Sheyda Fallahi

Born in Urmia, IRAN in 1981, Degree of Master  Art History of Ancient Iran.


I have won numerous awards and our posters have been presented in numerous exhibitions, including:

World award of monotheistic 2007 (Iran), Poster for Tomorrow 2013 (France), Information War Virtual Biennale 2014 (Czech), The 13th Fajr Visual Arts Festival 2017 (Iran), co|show 2021 (United States), Shusha is the city of culture of Azerbaijan 2021 (Azerbaijan), International Art and Communication Symposium 2021 (Turkey), IOAF International Pioneer Design 2021 (China), The Flying Bird of Asia poster Biennial 2021 (Pakistan), International Poster Design Competition Azerbaijan 2022 (Iran), Angel with Broken Wings 2022 (China), Kapıdağ Visual Art Exhibiton 2022 (Turkey), The international poster collection Reflections of the Night 2022 (Mexico), Silk Culture Poster Design Exhibition 2022 (China) International Poster Design Exhibition Door 2022 (Taiwan), International Poster Exhibition Heart Directors Club 2022 (Germany), International Poster Design Competition "FROM 22 TO 22" 2022 (Turkey), 2nd International Poster Exhibition of Love and Peace 2022, (Japan), International Design Invitation Exhibition Hannam University KISM 2022 , (South Korea), Calanca Switzerland Biennale 2023 "Give Peace a Chance" 2022 (Switzerland), "SILK CULTURE" Poster Design Exhibition 2022 (China),  KICD International Summer Conference 2022 (Japan), "The musical language of Mario Lavista" 2022 (Mexico), The International "Fine Arts and Printing Conference (IFAPC) 2022 (Dubai), Dardanelles99 International Invitational Illustration Exhibition 2022 (Turkey), International Poster Design Exhibition "Door" 2022 (Taiwan), 6th Macao International Contemporary Illustrations Competition 2022 (Macao), Slobozhan patterns 2022  (Ukraine), International scientific conference resilience by technology and design People on digital life Rymth 2022 (Vietnam), International Ocean Art Festival 2022 (China), FOOD IN FUTURE 2022 (Colombia), VIDAK - International Winter Poster Design Exhibition and Conference "D-SPACE" 2022 (South Korea), Bienale "Radicalization Leading to Terrorism" 2023 (Iraq), 7th Poster Contest by Graphic Stories "The Power of Youth" 2023 (Cyprus), Menapak Lintas, Mewujudkan Asa 2023 (Indonesia), Tareekh Jo Daar 2023 (Pakistan), VIDAK - International Spring Invitational Exhibition 'Way of Design" 2023 (South Korea), KISM International Design Exhibition, Honam University 2023 (South Korea), From Our Diversity and Struggle 2023 (Panama), International Women's Day 2023 (Mexico), Beautiful QUZHOU 2023 (China),  Contemporary Youth Art Festival 2023 (China),  World Art Day 2023 (Turkey), SDGs Graphic Design Invitational Exhibition 2023 (Taiwan), 50th SOKI International Invitational Exhibition 2023 (France), Taihu International poster design exhibition 2023 (China), From Our Diversity and Struggle 2023 (Panama), Café un aroma para el alma 2023 (Panama), Space Journey 2023  (Egypt), May 5, The Battle of Puebla for the Sovereignty of the Mexican People 2023 (Mexico), "World Environment Day" For Creative curators 2023 (United States), Design for Diversity 2023 (South Korea), 51th SOKI International Exhibition 2023 (South Korea), ONLINE International Exhibition "DÖNENCE” SİVAS CUMHURİYET UNIVERSITY 2023 (Turkey), IOAF International Ocean Arts Festival 2023 (South Korea), "Wheat Story" - International Invitational Illustration Exhibition 2023 (Turkey).


Furthermore, We are the author of articles for art magazines and websites, and also installation artists

Yaser Ghader & Sheyda Fallahi
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